Grind Crusher / Cut Your Throat - Split (EP)

Grind Crusher / Cut Your Throat - Split (EP)

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Run if you value your lives, this split EP brings you a deadly double dose of daggering death/grind! CUT YOUR THROAT, Greek flesh ripping sonic torment, tearing you 6 new bodily cavities. GRIND CRUSHER, Norway's new conveyors of totally brutal grindcore are here to h.o.r.r.i.f.y. you in a carcrash of cranial-hammering d-beats and blasts.


Track listing

  1. Grind Crusher - Pellets of Shame
  2. Grind Crusher - Back in Beast's Belly
  3. Grind Crusher - Industrious Mind
  4. Grind Crusher - Dog of Doom
  5. Grind Crusher - Limbo Jesus
  6. Cut Your Throat - Interactive Ways of Amphibians
  7. Cut Your Throat - FuckHippieFashion
  8. Cut Your Throat - Neurofibromatosis
  9. Cut Your Throat - Chronic Urticaria and Anaphylaxis
  10. Cut Your Throat - Bacterial Endocarditis
  11. Cut Your Throat - Acute Infectious Diarrhoea