Gronde - Gronde (Cassette)

Gronde - Gronde (Cassette)

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Black / death from France, this is their first release. Pro-tape.


Track listing

  1. All Hail God
  2. Under The Acid Shower
  3. Observance
  4. Penetrating Flame
  5. Napalm
  6. Black River
  7. Chaos Stream
  8. Volition Of Perdition
  9. Nous Les Larves
  10. Catatonic Empire
  11. Undertows
  12. Anima Bruta
  13. Soufre
  14. Sodomizer (Nifelheim cover)


The mixture of Black, Death and many Heavy elements creates a very good result, very violent and very intensive. The guitars deliver the riffs very well and their sound is clean as much as it should be and where needed. In bass and drums parts of the album there has been done a very good job. The vocals are rotten Death Metal very authentic, barbaric, gives something more to the tracks. - 5/5