Ground - Habitual Self-Abuse (Blood Spatter Edition) (LP)

Ground - Habitual Self-Abuse (Blood Spatter Edition) (LP)

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One sided 12", 'blood splatter' effect edition with UV printed design on the b-side!

False grind stalwarts GROUND return with a vengeance on their latest offering, Habitual Self-Abuse. Seamlessly blending their signature brand of searing grindcore, punk, powerviolence and hardcore, GROUND funnel the futile rage associated with modern existence into 11 tracks of pure, adrenaline fueled auditory assault. With Habitual Self-Abuse, GROUND take a giant leap forward to cement themselves at the forefront of the thriving underground East Coast scene.


Track listing

  1. Injustice Collector
  2. Couch Potato
  3. Virtue Signal Boost
  4. Shafted
  5. Tastemaker
  6. Stand-Up Guy
  7. Habitual Self-Abuse
  8. Mental Health Matters
  9. Indurated Juvenescence
  10. Digital Pacifier
  11. Conscious Denial