Grylle - Mondes Vermeils (CD) Grylle - Mondes Vermeils (CD)

Grylle - Mondes Vermeils (CD)

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Formed by Hyvermor (HANTERNOZ, REGIMENT) with additional vocals by Aliunde. An excellent blending of medieval Renaissance inspired music, modest percussion, harsh vocals and neo-folk ambience. An eccletic mix which absolutely works and evokes some fantastical scenes of middle-ages France.

This CD collects the mini album Monstres et Merveilles, only released on tape, the rehearsal demo Les nuits sur les monts and two bonus tracks.


Track listing

  1. De Audacibus Germanibus
  2. Sauvagerie et Oursitude
  3. Des Grylles, têtes à jambes, et chefs dépourvus de corps
  4. Chant du Caladre
  5. Jay nom despérance
  6. Sous les étoiles
  7. Saint Christophe
  8. Le mont aux chênes
  9. Le but de voyager
  10. Confidences a la nuit
  11. Engoulevents
  12. Nuit de loire I
  13. Nuit de loire I