Gyrdleah - Spellbinder (Digipak CD)

Gyrdleah - Spellbinder (Digipak CD)

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Much like the disease and death ridden years of when this album was recorded, GYRDLEAH's album crawls forward with an eerie pace. The melodies and dissonance go hand in hand with lyrics about self-revelation, undying will, homage to nature and celebration of the dark arts, creating an atmosphere of sombre and uncanny beauty. The demonic sounding vocals, grinding guitars and bass are all presented to you by the mind behind GYRDLEAH, Flagrum with session drummer Alex Micklewright laying down the pavement on which this boulder of an album is rolled upon. The Birmingham, England based project brings black metal at its finest with its new album Spellbinder.


Track listing

  1. Stab the Lamb
  2. GYFU
  3. Gathered for the Murder
  4. Approaching Gyrdleah
  5. Speak of the Devil
  6. Spellbinder
  7. VVitch
  8. Six Hundred Threescore and Six
  9. Outro