H.E.R.R. - Fire and Glass: A Norwood Tragedy (CD)

H.E.R.R. - Fire and Glass: A Norwood Tragedy (CD)

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This brilliant new four-track EP from the Anglo-Dutch masters of Neoclassical music relates to the incredible story of the Crystal Palace, an architectural jewel in the heart of Victorian London and itself a tragic metaphor for the rise and fall of the British Empire. Welcome to the Pleasuredome.


Track listing

  1. Sparks of the Imaginative Mind
  2. Drowning in Showers of Melting Glass
  3. Memoirs of Light
  4. Embers


...an honourable tribute to Crystal Palace, now in ruins. I think fans of the band should not be disappointed by this release, and I also recommend it to people generally interested in neo-classical music. - 4/5