Haive - Iaton (Forest Green Edition) (LP) Haive - Iaton (Forest Green Edition) (LP)

Haive - Iaton (Forest Green Edition) (LP)

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The next chapter in the evolving journey that is HÄIVE - the long-awaited second full-length album from this most focussed of acts. Entitled simply Iätön (Finnish for Ageless), this painstakingly crafted recording represents a true journey into the very soul of the band. Each element of HÄIVE has been taken to the next level - the driving-yet-delicate guitars, impassioned vocals, powerful percussion and deeply thought-through themes, every aspect has been refined further in order to draw the listener into HÄIVE's world.
And as for this world - it is a place of loss and remembrance, winter-stripped trees giving way to the cold bare earth, chill-worn soils that have born witness to the eternal cycles of nature. Life, death, rebirth and renewal, the ageless landscapes of the north have seen it all and its stories dwell deep within - but never forgotten by those who would stop to tell these tales. These are the tales told by HÄIVE across the breadth of this captivating musical opus.


Track listing

  1. Iätön
  2. Turma
  3. Lapin Kouta
  4. Kuku, kultainen käkeni
  5. Tuulen sanat
  6. Salojen saari
  7. Tuonen lehto, öinen lehto
  8. Virsi tammikuinen