Hammemit - Spires Over the Burial Womb (CD)

Hammemit - Spires Over the Burial Womb (CD)

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Here is the debut album from what is being described as the new phase for EMIT. HAMMEMIT is the new recording moniker for infamous UK black-noise/ambient figure U.I./Malachi, with additional members. Spires Over the Burial Womb continue the atmosphere found on some of the last (perhaps transitional) Emit recordings (Mother of Blood for example). Deeply mysterious with a heavy religious influence. Subtle ambience, a suitable soundtrack for complete isolation in a variety of locations, certainly ancient english ruins. 8 page colour booklet, with texts for each song.


Track listing

  1. The Young Monk in Earnest
  2. Spires Over the Burial Womb
  3. A State of Blissful Unknowing
  4. Shamelessly I Went Around
  5. A Joy So Near to Melancholy
  6. A Distance Not So Distant
  7. Following the Ancient Leys
  8. Awakening Ruins
  9. The Promise Made at the Dawn


One of the aspects of this album that is so magnetic is the skill of HAMMEMIT to transport the listener to the darkest of Medieval times, no doubt one of the most fascinating and sinister periods of History. The term "Medieval" can be thrown around a lot when it comes to both Metal and experimental releases, but in this case it would be fair to say that HAMMEMIT has a genuinely Medieval ambience with an accomplished sense of historical vision. Overall the composition of the album utilizes modern electronic effects and techniques with simple structure and subtle Dark Ambience, yet the effect is colossal. - 5/5