Hangman's Chair - Banlieue triste (CD)

Hangman's Chair - Banlieue triste (CD)

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HANGMAN'S CHAIR's fifth album is a trip down to their roots: the parisian suburbs, its bleakness and its nightlife. Going the same way as This is Not Supposed to be Positive did in 2015, Banlieue Triste displays an even darker and colder atmosphere with more reverb and chorus, drowning itself into deep melancholy. Featuring notable guests (James from PERTURBATOR and Marc from MONGOLITO and WOLVENNEST) and a careful blend of instrumentals ("Tara", "Sidi Bel Abbès"), catchy songs ("Naive", "04 09 16") and down tempo tunes ("Negative Male Child"), HANGMAN'S CHAIR's new record asserts its identity and will undoubtedly leave its mark on 2018.


Track listing

  1. Banlieue triste
  2. Naive
  3. Sleep Juice
  4. Touch the Razor
  5. Tara
  6. 04/09/16
  7. Tired Eyes
  8. Negative Male Child
  9. Sidi Bel Abbes
  10. Full Ashtray