Hateful Abandon - LIARS/BASTARDS (CD)

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The culmination of a 10 year partnership, we are proud to present a work of industrial menace and production line boot stomping violence. Mechanical rhythm, metal and concrete, pipes, wires and soil.


Track listing

  1. Maze of Bastards
  2. Culprit
  3. High Rise
  4. The Test
  5. The Walker
  6. There Will Never Be Peace
  7. December


Liars/Bastards may conjure a vivid sense of past and present, but its prophetic gaze is no less forward-looking. "If you want a vision of the future," its Orwellian opening sample warns, "imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever." There may be truth in 'TWNBP's mantra that 'there will never be peace'; but in bringing us an album of such incendiary passion and power, Hateful Abandon give us some hope to temper the horror with. - 5/5