Hateful Abandon - Move (CD) Hateful Abandon - Move (CD)

Hateful Abandon - Move (CD)

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Includes CD Exclusive Song: Spies in the Wire (Cabaret Voltaire cover)

We were always going to get darker. It's been the plan all along.

Move is the long anticipated follow-up to 2008's Famine. The music is darker, the lyrics are bleaker. The planet is dying, they're printing money to burn it. Forming single-file into the abyss. They are trying to slow the inevitable; this is the sound of acceptance.
Hateful Abandon present their despondent and angry reaction in Move. The sound remains uniquely their own, but progresses with new techniques and a harder attitude. A strong leading bass, twisting and ambient guitars, the percussive backbone from Swine, new electronic prominsence and the soulful roar of V/M!
Influence remains from seventies and eighties visionaries Killing Joke, Public Image Ltd, Dead Can Dance, Joy Division, The Cure; and a background in Black Metal, though these are only pointers to the distinctive sound Hateful Abandon have managed to refine on Move.

Lydon wailing like a Gull in my ears, E. Smith grunting-ah, Lemmy purring...Brindley and Price smashing lager and smoking the bass.


Track listing

  1. The Way it Ends
  2. Human Clockwork
  3. Copper Foundation
  4. Poundland
  5. Buried
  6. Spies in the Wire (Cabaret Voltaire cover)
  7. Hive Mind
  8. The Lost


Move is one of the most impressive post-punk, or even rock albums I've heard in a long time. I don't even know where to begin with this album; it's absolutely fantastic. - 5/5