Haud Mundus / Wormlust - Oblivio Appositus (Digipak CD)

Haud Mundus / Wormlust - Oblivio Appositus (Digipak CD)

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The split release of Irish HAUD MUNDUS and Icelandic WORMLUST is difficult to put into words. HAUD MUNDUS (feat. members of REBIRTH OF NEFAST, MYRKR, SLIDHR) presents insight into the failed spirit of man, while WORMLUST offers an indescribable passage into otherworldly desolation. Compositionally, HAUD MUNDUS can best be compared to a mixture of its members aforementioned projects, whereas the contribution of WORMLUST can be compared with their acclaimed Seven Paths demo. Comes presented in a luxurious embossed digipak with an 8 page booklet.


Track listing

  1. Haud Mundus - Veins of Stone
  2. Haud Mundus - Forever Desiccate the Seed
  3. Wormlust - About the Death of a God
  4. Wormlust - The Larvean Inauguration