Hayras - Sombre destin (CD)

Hayras - Sombre destin (CD)

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Debut album (only other release was a split with ORDO TEMPLI AETERNAE LUCIS) from the French black metal project of Rost, a man involved with the infamous cults SEIGNEUR VOLAND, KRISTALLNACHT, BLESSED IN SIN, and FINIS GLORIA DEI! Traditional black metal with the touches of melancholy that highlight his history within the French underground! This is however totally individual and original material, a great CD.


Track listing

  1. Holocauste
  2. Terroriste de la foi
  3. ...vers la mort
  4. Sadisme
  5. Anti-Christ
  6. Le Rituel
  7. Sombre destin
  8. Dieu est mort