Heavy Music Artwork - Issue 2: Folklore (Zine)

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The theme for Heavy Music Artwork second issue is FOLKLORE. The return to earthbound traditions, the love for the land and for earthly mythological gods. Inspiration comes from cultural traditions and folk heritage. In this issue we present artists that have taken this sentiment and applied to their arts, music and lyrics. Also we have Michael Hirst which created the TV show Vikings with music from folk artist Wardruna.Featuring all exclusive interviews with Wardruna - Skuggsja, Enslaved, Costin Chioreanu, Testament, VolBeat, Katatonia, Satyricon, Ensiferum, Moonsorrow, Primordial, Mammoth Storm, Beseech, Eliran Kantor, Mark Wilkinson - Part 2 story Judas Priest & Marillion, Adam Burke, Alexander Jansson, Daniele Valeriani, Arthur Berzinsh, Travis Smith, Eliran Kantor, Gyula Havancsak, Jan Yrlund. Plus Top 10 Folk Covers, Tuska Finland, Heritage by Dayal Patterson, Akseli Gallen-Kallela.


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