Heiden - Obsidian (CD)

Heiden - Obsidian (CD)

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HEIDEN presents their 4th dark opus since 2003, called Obsidian. Now, after first two pagan metal albums, progressive album Era 2 and successful split with TROLLECH, HEIDEN presents the darkest and most comprehensive album ever. Organic mixture of black / doom and rock discover melancholic and decadent mood and whole negativity in their poetic lyrics. All recorded in legendary Czech Shaark studio.


Track listing

  1. Nostalgia Echo
  2. Catharsis
  3. Triad
  4. At a Funeral
  5. Thujone
  6. Post Lux Tenebras
  7. Monomania
  8. Buried 100 Years Ago


I don't think there's a reason to mention each track one by one. If you like listening to a more complex and melodic black metal and not just blastbeats, this album is for you. I hope that with this album HEIDEN will make a step forward as a band and start having the appreciation they deserve. An album that you not only have to give a shot, but is a must have, especially for the later ENSLAVED fans. - 5/5