Helheim - Asgards fall (CD)

Helheim - Asgards fall (CD)

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This MCD contains the epic three piece work Aasgards Fall written to honor Quorthon and BATHORY, one of the main influences on HELHEIM. The MCD also features the track Dualitet og Ulver featuring extensive guest vocals by hoest (TAAKE) and a re-recording of the HELHEIM classic Jernskogen!


Track listing

  1. Åsgards fall I
  2. Åsgards fall (Mellomspill)
  3. Åsgards fall II
  4. Helheim VII
  5. Dualitet og ulver
  6. Jernskogen (Nyinnspilt)


Asgards Fall is a moving piece of epic Viking metal, filled with visions of the cold northern landscapes in which it was created. And to me it is quite possibly Helheim's best work to date. - 5/5