Hellbastard - The Need to Kill (CD) Hellbastard - The Need to Kill (CD)

Hellbastard - The Need to Kill (CD)

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The classic, influential UK crossover metal/crust band HELLBASTARD is back with all guns blazing and has released the new album "The Need to Kill". Often cited as being the band who created the crust punk/metal wave of the early 1980s, these Brits flex their wide-ranging musical muscles on "The Need to Kill" by including everything from a banjo, whispered vocals, clean guitar and soundscapes to neck-break speeds, distorted crunches and breakdown stomps. They haven't forgotten where they came from: in addition to the 10 new vibrant thrash/hardcore songs on "The Need to Kill", the band has included 6 re-recorded HELLBASTARD classics. The album doesn't stray far from the milestone "Natural Order" album Earache Records put out back in 1990, either. "The Need to Kill" demands to be heard with a crisp, big sound that's signature HELLBASTARD. This is a must-have for all fans of the first wave of British crust/metal/punk and bands like AMEBIX, CONCRETE SOX, DEVIATED INSTINCT, and AXEGRINDER.


Track listing

  1. Cheyne Stoking
  2. Going Postal
  3. Anthropological Angst I / Stop Your Whining / Anthropological Angst II
  4. Murder Workshop
  5. Stressed
  6. Fir Bolg, Bow to Slough Feg
  7. My Best Friend: Misanthropy
  8. Business Pig Hole
  9. Executed II
  10. Pylons II
  11. The Beggar II
  12. Bringing Death II
  13. Darkness / Internal II
  14. Camp of the Dead II