Hellveto - 966 (Digipak CD)

Hellveto - 966 (Digipak CD)

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8 tracks of perfectly executed epic pagan black metal. 45 minutes of symphonic tunes. Majestic art of medieval scream. HELLVETO prevails!


Track listing

  1. Krucjata
  2. 966
  3. Ostatnia wola
  4. W blasku gasnącej pochodni
  5. Krzyk stali
  6. Perunia
  7. Zgubna nowina
  8. U bram obłędu


Hellveto often reminds me of Absu, but bands like Moonspell (early), Ophthalamia and Tiamat also have similar styles. L.O.N. is a highly talented musician and track after track he proves his ability and vision. He easily puts himself towards the top of musicians existing as single member bands. - 5/5