Hellveto - Neoheresy (Digipak CD)

Hellveto - Neoheresy (Digipak CD)

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The true spirit of the dark medieval returns with a brand new opus entitled Neoheresy, HELLVETO is still an uncompromising one-man force with L.O.N guarding the helm with the ever so beautifully crafted yet sorrowful tunes. Be mesmerised by the epical passages stained with a sufficient dose of grim!


Track listing

  1. Taran
  2. Herezja
  3. Gdy umiera świt
  4. Milczące sumienie
  5. Chorągiew która spłonie
  6. Średniowieczna egzekucja


As a matter of fact at its core this album easily could be mistaken for middle-era Rotting Christ (Triarchy of the Lost Lovers) but with more medieval orchestral sensibilities. - 5/5