Hellveto - Wiara, nadzieja..., potepienie (Digipak 2CD)

Hellveto - Wiara, nadzieja..., potepienie (Digipak 2CD)

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Brand new, eminent full-length album from HELLVETO! Nearly two hours of majestic and epic pagan black metal at its very best! Album that sews together black metal firepower with a substantial orchestral element that is dark and haunting.
Deluxe 8 panel double digipak in embossed slipcase with gold print. Features bonus CD Trilogy summarizing the three album saga with special, extended and exclusive versions of musical themes known from the last three albums.

Being around for fifteen years now, and having the dozen of albums released, HELLVETO is much respected act in the today's black metal underground scene. Leading by LON, as the one and only song-writer and craftsman behind the entity, HELLVETO started with the intention of honouring proud and barbarian Slavonic ancestral heritage, setting a solidified antichristian mission statement, through their triumphant orchestral black metal.

The new album Wiara, nadzieja..., potepienie, (which can be translated as Faith, hope..., damnation) is by far the most complete, coherent and aggressive recording HELLVETO has done to date, both musically and production-wise. The album was recorded and mixed at LS Studio with the band member himself handling all the production duties and performing all the instruments, including the entirely live drums.

The album is also the third and the final chapter in the three album saga, the "Trilogy" that started with the Od poiudnia na poinoc CD in 2008 and developed on Kry in 2009. Wiara, nadzieja..., potepienie contains all the elements that can be find on the previous records, sewing together gloomy black metal with an epic and beautiful orchestration. To summarize the Trilogy concept there's a bonus CD added, entitled Trilogy which features extended and exclusive versions of musical themes known from the last three albums. It will be a huge feast for the new fans as well as for those who have followed the band through the years.


Track listing

  1. Dramatu woń
  2. Gdy ogień u bram zapłonął
  3. Kto zawiśnie dziś
  4. Wiara, nadzieja..., potępienie
  5. Jam głosem niemych
  6. Świt załamania
  7. Od zachodu na wschód
  8. Kry
  9. Od południa na północ
  10. Wiara, nadzieja..., potępienie


...you will hear swelling keyboard symphonies, acoustic guitars, metal riffs and a variety of raw, rasping vocals and narrative outcries in conjunction, with his unique sense for composition, all cast in the expansive and echoing, low fidelity production atmosphere he is known for. - 4/5