Heresy - 1987 (Excerpts from 4 Live Shows) (DVD)

Heresy - 1987 (Excerpts from 4 Live Shows) (DVD)

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HERESY need little introduction - legendary UK Hardcore pioneers, in their brief existence from 1985-1989 they defined an era. Filmed totally DIY punk style on a single camcorder by their tour manager, 1987 follows the band on a tour of Belgium and Holland, featuring ultra rare live appearances and 17 full out blasting live songs to frenzied crowds! In addition to this, there are also some classic never seen before "behind the scenes" footage of the band and roadies which shows the bands humorous side too! There is also some remarkable archive footage of the band in the recording studio, recording the legendary Thanks 7" single! A must for those who there at the time, or any fan of this legendary UKHC Band, caught at the top of their game!

Please note: This DVD has been digitally restored as best as possible from the original 20 year old video cassette tape, but this is a true DIY punk lo-fi recording, and not a multi-camera angle swish MTV affair!!


Track listing

  1. Release
  2. Network of Friends
  3. Make the Connection
  4. Trapped in a Scene
  5. Visions in Fear
  6. Make the Connection
  7. Path to Decadence
  8. Never Healed
  9. Nausea
  10. Path to Decadence
  11. Dead
  12. Release
  13. Network of Friends
  14. Belief
  15. Despair
  16. Visions in Fear
  17. Make the Connection