High Priest of Saturn - High Priest of Saturn (Digipak CD)

High Priest of Saturn - High Priest of Saturn (Digipak CD)

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Self-described as a psychedelic doom act inspired by classic stoner bands and 60s and 70s psychedelic rock, HIGH PRIEST OF SATURN are a three piece that consist of guitarist Martin Sivertsen and guitarist-drummer Andreas Hagen's slow-pounding riffs and beats and Merethe Heggset's eerie vocals, which seem to resonate from another dimension. The entire opus then is drenched with swirling, menacing vintage organ sounds, played on the album by Ole Kristian Malmedal.


Track listing

  1. Protean Towers
  2. Kraken Mare
  3. Crawling King Snake
  4. On Mayda Insula


This is as original, and as different as different can get in the modern day of stoner. It is a genuine, frank, straight forward and heartfelt release without the pretentiousness and without the over reliance of paths already well set and is an impeccable debut that is an absolute must have for all fans of the genre. - 4/5