High Spirits - You Are Here (2023 Reissue) (LP)

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Formed by Chris Black (DAWNBRINGER, SUPERCHRIST, PHARAOH). Limited edition reissue. First released by Hells Headbangers in 2014.

Chicago's high-energy rock favorites HIGH SPIRITS have returned with a dashing follow-up to one of the most celebrated studio debuts of the millennium. Entitled You Are Here, the new studio album finds HIGH SPIRITS in great form, having spent the past two years recording demos and getting a taste of international touring. While every bit as fresh, stylish, and hook-heavy as its Another Night predecessor, You Are Here showcases the band's full dramatic power, a dynamic intensity that perhaps had not been reached before. But as with all of HIGH SPIRITS' music, the abundant, inviting melody is balanced by raw heavy metal energy, drawing on the exhilarating live show that the band has performed in amphitheaters and dive-bars alike. For a band with universal potential, You Are Here is a graceful step forward. Highly recommended for all.


Track listing

  1. When the Lights Go Down
  2. I Need Your Love
  3. One Thousand Nights
  4. Reminding You of Me
  5. The Last Night
  6. Can You Hear Me
  7. Gone To Pieces
  8. I Will Run
  9. High Spirits