Hirilorn - Litanies of Annihilation (3CD)

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The complete HIRILORN collection presented as one package for the first time! I have gone through and listed the contents below.

HIRILORN were a black metal band active for around five years in the mid-late nineties. In 1999, after one great album, they split and members formed DEATHSPELL OMEGA.

Shaxul (bass, vocals) co-founded DEATHSPELL OMEGA in 1998/1999 and was vocalist/drummer on the first two DSO albums, Infernal Battles and Inquisitors of Satan and all the splits with MOONBLOOD, CLANDESTINE BLAZE and MUTIILATION.

Hasjarl (guitars) started End All Life Productions while in HIRILORN, he later co-founded and remains as guitarist in DEATHSPELL OMEGA.

Box set contents

  • A Hymn to the Ancient Souls, the debut demo. Also released as their side of the 2000 split with NASAV.
  • HIRILORN's contribution to the 1997 3CD compilation Encyclopedia Pestilentia released by Velvet Music International (which included among others MOONBLOOD and GORGON).
  • HIRILORN's side of the 1998 split with MERRIMACK (the MAYHEM cover, their other song on the split, The Legion That Will Never Fall, appears on Legends of Evil and Eternal Death).
  • Revenge is Near, a live recording from 1999 previously only available as a limited LP.
  • Legends of Evil and Eternal Death, the only HIRILORN album! Released in 1998. Killer!
  • Depopulate (Prelude to Apocalypse), an EP released in 1999 by End All Life - the label formed by Hasjarl in 1999.
  • HIRILORN's side of the 2003 split with Colombian band MANITU. Released as a limited EP by Manitu Records.
  • Prophetic Tales of Armageddon. These are rehearsal recordings, unreleased until the 2009 compilation of the same name, of what would have been the second HIRILORN album. The band split before any studio recordings of these songs.
  • Two rehearsal tracks from 1999, previously only available on the limited Prophetic Tales of Armageddon LP.


Track listing

  1. Return of the Druids
  2. Haxan (Omen of the Witches)
  3. Haunted Castle of Rising Solitude
  4. Where Lightning Strikes Eternally
  5. Astral Entities
  6. Where Lightning Strikes Eternally
  7. Pagan Fears
  8. The Legion that will Never Fall
  9. Haunted Castle of Rising Solitude
  10. Onward to the Kingdom of Light
  11. Pagan Fears
  12. Last Ride on the Winds of Eternity
  13. The Legion that will Never Fall
  14. Through the Moonless Night
  15. Praise the Supreme Ruler of Your Soul
  16. The Guardian of the Final Plague
  17. Onward to the Kingdom of Light
  18. Blasphemous Forces
  19. Satanic Storm
  20. The Apocalyptic Catharsis
  21. Rise of the Possessed Ones
  22. The Devil in the Dungeon
  23. At the Last Funeral Procession
  24. Onward to the Kingdom of Light
  25. Blasphemous Forces