Holmgang - Gengangerens kvad (CD)

Holmgang - Gengangerens kvad (CD)

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Finally! three years after the debut album of HOLMGANG the new album is ready and available. We are once more assaulted with fine musicanship and freezing cold black metal fueled with both epic and aggressive parts, all carefully blended to perfection. Ynleborgaz (ANGANTYR, MAKE A CHANGE... KILL YOURSELF, ZAHRIM etc...) and his crew has really topped themselves with this new album, there's also violinst who performs on the album. For fans of Nordic branded black metal full of furious aggression and impressive musicanship look no further. This is the finest moment of HOLMGANG.


Track listing

  1. Himmelhvaelvets Bane
  2. Skaebnesvig
  3. Last Vaek Fra Verden
  4. Bragt Til Balet
  5. Dyssen
  6. Ravnenes Jagt
  7. Blodorn