Holocausto - War Metal Massacre (CD)

Holocausto - War Metal Massacre (CD)

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The band consider this an album. Recorded in 2016, the material is split between older songs dating back to 1985/1986 and newer songs from 2015/2016. Despite the decades between all this material is amazingly consistent! Few bands have managed to capture their original sound and return to the roots like HOLOCAUSTO have here!

Initially only released on limited vinyl, this CD edition came out in March 2017.


Track listing

  1. Intro / Massacre
  2. Destruição Nuclear
  3. Escarro Napalm
  4. Intro
  5. Eu Sou a Guerra
  6. Corpo Seco / Mão Morta
  7. War Metal Massacre


War Metal Massacre has the same fury - the same raw energy and untamed aggression - as their early works, namely Campo de Exterminio. It's ripping Brazilian blackdeathrash of the old variety, and they even manage the crisp edge that is often lost in the dirtier and darker emulations of the style. The production is a bit thicker than the older works, but it is still every bit as rough and abrasive as those early Cogumelo years, with only the slightest hint in the mastering that this is from 2016. - 4/5