Horrid - Beyond the Dark Border (CD)

Horrid - Beyond the Dark Border (CD)

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Truly a summation of everything that makes the Metal of Death so enduring and engrossing, Beyond the Dark Border possesses pretty much every element one would want in a pure 'n' authentic death metal record: immediately memorable songwriting, crushing-yet-clear songwriting, breathless execution, interesting twists of texture, and just enough melody to remain rooted in foundational heavy metal. More than that, HORRID render the album a rollercoaster of dynamic darkness, leading the listener down nine separate-yet-linked corridors of nameless horror and eldritch dread. And, at a stout 50 minutes, Beyond the Dark Border remains compact and concise and yet fully satisfying - whoever said meat & potatoes death metal wasn't the best meal?


Track listing

  1. The Black March
  2. Cursed Dunes
  3. Blood Painted Walls
  4. The Eyes of Terror
  5. The Statement
  6. Sacrilegious Fornication
  7. Missing End
  8. Demonic Challenge
  9. Beyond the Black Border


Horrid have been honing their metal skills for nearly three decades with an extensive discography to prove it. Beyond The Dark Border is a musical weapon forged of cold steel that could very well provide the jumping off point this band needs to make it into the same conversation as Deicide or Obituary. This record deserves a spot on every fan, and critics, end of year top ten list, for sure. - 5/5