Human Corpse Abuse - Xenoviscerum (CD) Human Corpse Abuse - Xenoviscerum (CD)

Human Corpse Abuse - Xenoviscerum (CD)

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Rising like a foul gas from the reeking swamps of Virginia, the writhing, gore-soaked newborn known as HUMAN CORPSE ABUSE has delivered its first crushing volley in the form of Xenoviscerum, a 12-song album that both seamlessly and disgustingly merges the heaviest elements of goregrind, powerviolence, death metal, d-beat, and punk. Written and recorded in the basement studio of guitarist / bassist / vocalist Shelby Lermo (VASTUM, ULTHAR), Xenoviscerum receives an infusion of pummeling brutality in the form of drum performances by Adam Jarvis (PIG DESTROYER, MISERY INDEX, LOCK UP), captured at Developing Nations Studio in Baltimore by master engineer Kevin Bernsten. Weaving between themes of horrific, mutated creatures, mind-altering occultism, and Cronenbergian body horror as it careens from blasting, screeching grind to thunderous stomp to twisted guitar bombing and back, the album culminates in the pit-annihilating, mid-tempo march of "We Are All In Hell", which features guest vocals from NAILS frontman Todd Jones. Mastering comes via Greg Wilkinson at the legendary Earhammer Studios in Oakland, CA, a fitting final flourish to one of the year's ugliest and most unique debuts.


Track listing

  1. Spinefucker
  2. Cerulean Offal
  3. Suckling at the Wheal
  4. Tumor Eater
  5. Endoparasitic Cranial Plasmoid
  6. Convulsing Labyrinth of Flesh
  7. Strangulation Ritual
  8. Spiraling Teeth
  9. Necroformicophilia
  10. Skinsect
  11. Cryptoglossus (Gallery of Tongues)
  12. We Are All in Hell