Hurusoma - Sombre Iconoclasm (CD)

Hurusoma - Sombre Iconoclasm (CD)

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Killer Primitive Black Metal from Japan! Woods (GORUGOTH, THE UNDER, GNOME) and session drummer Darkness Profanation (DEATHLIKE SILENCE). "Sombre Iconoclasm" collects Hurusoma's debut album "Welcome to Hurusoma World" with an extra six bonus tracks. Originally released on cassette by Sombre, which we did have available a while back, it was later re-released by Sombre on LP under the new title "War" with three bonus tracks (the final three on this CD). A great project that deserved to be reissued. All the material has been taken directly from original tapes. The bonus tracks are very welcome, again taken from original tapes. Includes a powerful live recording!


Track listing

  1. Intro
  2. Shade of Soul
  3. The Call of Wood
  4. Furi
  5. Grudge (From the Black Forest)
  6. Darkness and Evil (Sabbat cover)
  7. Storm
  8. I See the Lonely January Sun Arise
  9. Senpoku Kanpoku
  10. The Shadow
  11. Storm (Live)
  12. Thunderbolt
  13. Open My Black Grave (Trendkill Version)
  14. Sombre Metal