Hyadningar - The Weak Creation (CD)

Hyadningar - The Weak Creation (CD)

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The Weak Creation is the band's second full-length album and it brings 8 tracks of black metal that is varied and sick (epic, yet raw and chaotic). Complex and unique song structures (lots of rhythm changes and sudden twists), powerful production and another insane vocal performance by Marquis (BETHLEHEM, ATARAXIE, FUNERALIUM) that consists on black metal screams, low grunts and bestial moaning cries... 61 minutes that have been recorded, mixed and mastersed at CCR studios and show French black metal at its best.


Track listing

  1. The Beast Within
  2. Templars of the Black Sun
  3. Haven of Death
  4. Gates of Hopeless Life
  5. The Weak Creation
  6. Forsaken
  7. A Swan as Messiah
  8. Ephemeral


Overall the album is strong, although on first listen its multiple layers many not stand out quite so strongly and it can feel like a lot of hard work, however you have to applaud a band that have the tenacity to push the boundaries of a genre that often prides itself for its purest beliefs. - 4/5