Hyponic - Former Monk (前行者) (Digisleeve CD)

Hyponic - Former Monk (前行者) (Digisleeve CD)

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Eleven years after the release of their second album The Noise of Time, Hong Kong extreme doom / death master HYPONIC finally unleash their third album to the doomed land in their 20th anniversary year. There are a lot of absurdities, injustice in this world of mortal life. This album shows us the vast darkness of our society.
The music on this album is in the same field of extreme doom / death which you can find on their previous album, nihilistic doomed riffs, subtle melancholic melodies, and gloomy atmospheric ambient parts. Perhaps, funeral doom / death is the easiest word to describe their music, but their unique ambient guitar works and song writing is much more than that. Feel the darkest depth of human absurdities.


Track listing

  1. 前行者
  2. 誅滅零八
  3. 最後陳述
  4. 寧劈不回
  5. 飄流
  6. Intro


Hyponic's diligence in exploring new themes and practices in a genre over saturated with a lazy attitude is commendable in itself but doing it inventively makes this an unexpected and liberating treat to behold. - 5/5