Immortal - All Shall Fall (CD) Immortal - All Shall Fall (CD)

Immortal - All Shall Fall (CD)

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Track listing

  1. All Shall Fall
  2. The Rise of Darkness
  3. Hordes to War
  4. Norden on Fire
  5. Arctic Swarm
  6. Mount North
  7. Unearthly Kingdom


...Immortal circa 2009 is as gloriously frostbitten and misanthropic proposition as they've ever been. Accordingly, a track like "Hordes of War" wouldn't have sounded out of place on Pure Holocaust ... Meanwhile "Unearthly Kingdom" recalls the group at their most epic, Abbath's voice spewing a level of convincingly acerbic vitriol that pretenders to his throne could only dream of. - 5/5