Immortal - The Northern Upir's Death (Cassette)

Immortal - The Northern Upir's Death (Cassette)

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The earliest IMMORTAL recordings officially collected:

The self-titled or untitled (and IMMORTAL's only) demo, recorded in July 1991. Death metal!
The self-titled or 'Unholy Forces of Evil' 7" originally released by Listenable in 1991. Black metal!
Plus two tracks from a 1992 rehearsal.


Track listing

  1. Suffocate the Masses
  2. Enslaved in Rot
  3. Left on the Stake
  4. Outro
  5. Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism (Intro)
  6. Unholy Forces of Evil
  7. The Cold Winds of Funeral Frost
  8. Blacker Than Darkness (Rehearsal 1992)
  9. Unholy Forces of Evil (Rehearsal 1992)