Impaler - Charnel Deity (2023 Reissue) (CD) Impaler - Charnel Deity (2023 Reissue) (CD)

Impaler - Charnel Deity (2023 Reissue) (CD)

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The 1992 debut album of classic UK death metal from IMPALER. Marking 30 years since the album's original release. Featuring the original artwork and lyrics.
UK based death metal outfit IMPALER formed under the name of CARNAGE in 1988, before changing their name in 1991 upon signing a deal with Deaf Records, sub-label of Peaceville Records which spawned the likes of AT THE GATES. Charnel Deity was the band's only full-length album release, though it has grown over the years to be considered as an underrated and often overlooked lost classic of early 90s UK death metal, when rated among some of the more known acts in the scene from that period. A work of catchy, often thrash-tinged death metal riffs and frantic soloing, backed up by sick vocals, Charnel Deity at times evokes a similar feeling in their compositions to bands such as UK greats, CANCER, with effective, well-crafted headbanging anthems.
The artwork was created by guitarist / bassist Chris Drew, who also designed the cover art for other early Peaceville bands, BAPHOMET and ACCIDENTAL SUICIDE.


Track listing

  1. The Dead Know Dreams
  2. Avowal to Hell
  3. Imminence of the Final Punishment
  4. Malignant Dreams
  5. Accursed Domain
  6. Internally Rotting
  7. Impaler of Souls
  8. Astral Corpse
  9. Engulfed
  10. Total Carnage
  11. Repel Your Faith