Impiety - Advent of... (CD) Impiety - Advent of... (CD)

Impiety - Advent of... (CD)

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The reigning kings of Singapore-based blackened death metallers IMPIETY brings forth yet another round of nuklear-assault with the three-song mini-CD "Advent Of...", once again showcasing the barbarity and merciless barrage of the Asian & Arrogant!
Clocking at just slightly under 22 minutes of riff-blazing warfare, Shyaithan and his new team of god-insultors, consisting of Guh Lu (XEPER, DIVINE CODEX, SETHERIAL, etc), Eskathon and Atum (MALFEITOR, SETHERIAL, etc), "Advent Of..." is the perfect testimony that IMPIETY's persistence and longevity has led them to a new found power!


Track listing

  1. Advent of the Nuclear Baphomet
  2. Ave Satanas
  3. Blood Ritual Defamation


This three-song EP consists of Blackened Speed Metal with some Thrashy parts and a bit of Death Metal in the works as well. The songs are longer than average for any of those genres however. Fortunately, it seems Impiety work better when they release less. Structurally, these songs far exceed "Terroreign" in quality... - 4/5