Impiety - Ravage & Conquer (CD)

Impiety - Ravage & Conquer (CD)

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Back with a Vengeance only to assert full-scale power and domination, IMPIETY bombards the world with their 8th full-length album "Ravage & Conquer". This masterpiece is not only just one of their best endeavours but the strongest one thus far!

Savagely innovative, technical, creative and lethally charged with more death, speed and ferocity. Uncompromising and living up to its name, IMPIETY's covenant of chaos, lead by frontbeast Shyaithan never ceases to deliver only the harshest and most brutal blackened death metal the world has seen, time and again.


Track listing

  1. Revelation Decimation
  2. Ravage & Conquer
  3. Weaponized
  4. The Scourge Majesty
  5. War Crowned
  6. Legacy of Savagery
  7. Salve the Goat
  8. Sacrifice (Bathory cover)


Impiety fits into a certain group of bands resurrecting the visual aesthetic of black metal's first wave combined with the aural assault of death. Lyrical themes usually involve blasphemy, war and general mayhem... Passing up the trees and snow, black metal returns to the fire and heat of bestial breathe. - 4/5