Incarnated - Choirs of the Dead (CD)

Incarnated - Choirs of the Dead (CD)

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Choirs of the Dead - The Complete Works of INCARNATED features all four demo's INCARNATED recorded from 1993 to 1999, two of the demo's are previously unreleased so this is high time to (re)discover a hidden gem from the golden era of Swedish death metal!

Includes the demos Wool-Gathering (1993) and Choirs of the Dead (1997).


Track listing

  1. Wool-Gathering
  2. Untouched
  3. Psedunomas
  4. Loxocemus Morelia
  5. Fisted Back to Life
  6. End Your Life
  7. Eating
  8. Deep Inside
  9. Reaper of Souls
  10. Disembowel
  11. Pusfilled
  12. Feast on Her Flesh
  13. Choirs of the Dead
  14. Inside
  15. Drown in Blood
  16. Fragments of Love
  17. Until Death Is Divine
  18. Experiment in Flesh