Infandous - Blood, the Sun, and the Cosmos (Digipak CD)

Infandous - Blood, the Sun, and the Cosmos (Digipak CD)

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How did we first lose our way?
How did we ever turn towards such base and pitiful paradigms as those so insidiously infecting our mores today?

This blight of our universal degenerate deity and its flock of tremulous followers
infests and corrupts all that it touches, ourselves included.

The way is lost; we are blind to those ancestral paths once walked.
We've wandered, we've strayed, we've faltered and we've fallen.
A change must come.

Let this be the purge: both an exaltation and a renunciation, an ascension and an atavism,
a deliverance from bondage and a reunion with Blood, the Sun and the Cosmos.


Track listing

  1. Cult of the Inextricably Other
  2. Glistening Altar
  3. Decrypting the Apeiron
  4. Homoiosis: Blood, the Sun, and the Cosmos


An atavistic fist in the face of a world they are truly disgusted by, this music is a weapon to bring down the material realm and open the gates to a purer state of being. Each song utilizes its roughly ten-minute life-span to either focus very coherently on each distinct part, or to expose an ancient fury. Its focus is akin to groups such as Fauna, a search for ancient roots, yet its sincerity is of the coldest kin, music for those who have worn this genre like a badge. - 5/5