Infernal Curse - Apocalipsis (CD)

Infernal Curse - Apocalipsis (CD)

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Radical black death violence!! Support the real underground!! From the deepest pits of Argentinean underground INFERNAL CURSE return with a bloody vengeance. Their second fullength is a punishing slab of primordial death metal fury. Having utilized the virtues of analogue sound once again, INFERNAL CURSE managed to came up with a record that stems from the very first era of Death metal without sounding derivative, retro or shallow. Apocalipsis is a masterful amalgam of death, thrash and black metal cloaked in a charmingly obscure atmosphere. For fans of old SEPULTURA, VULCANO, MORTEM (Nor), NECROVORE, MASACRE, EXPULSER, SEXTRASH.


Track listing

  1. O ov soahX
  2. Litanies unto Djinn
  3. Sin of Iblis
  4. Nhidalmut
  5. Obituaries
  6. Fragments of Annihilation
  7. Adharma
  8. Upon Death He Dwells
  9. Etreum


Taking nods from the first wave of black metal and combining it with surges of blasting, heavy handed chaos and pulsing, frenetic darkness, Infernal Curse are really beginning to step up their game. Apocalipsis is not an easy listen, but it's not meant to be. It's meant to twist your subconscious into a waking nightmare, constantly trying to escape the black void that is close behind. It's a more nuanced album than their earlier work and one that should please fans of the genre. - 4/5