Inferno - Downtown Hades / Utter Hell (CD)

Inferno - Downtown Hades / Utter Hell (CD)

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Killer thrash from Norway! New CD edition collecting both albums: Downtown Hades (1997) and Utter Hell (1996)!! Venom and Sodom with that distinct Norwegian touch! Excellent.

Lineup includes Aggressor (AURA NOIR, VED BUENS ENDE), Einar Sjursø (VIRUS, BEYOND DAWN) and Bestial Tormentor (LAMENTED SOULS, WAKLEVÖREN).


Track listing

  1. Straight from Hell
  2. Utter Hell
  3. Rot in Hell
  4. Roadkill
  5. In Bed with Satan
  6. Bulldozer
  7. Alcoholocaust
  8. Thrash till Death
  9. Metal Attack
  10. Violator
  11. Intro from Hell
  12. Satanic Overkill
  13. Tormentor
  14. Ripping Hell
  15. Storming Metal
  16. Infernal Invasion
  17. Sodom (Burning the Flag)
  18. Necroslut
  19. Torment Her
  20. Massacre in Hell
  21. Infernö