Infinitas - Journey to Infinity (Digipak CD)

Infinitas - Journey to Infinity (Digipak CD)

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Journey to Infinity is the debut full length and follow up to Ardeur, 2011. Overall, INFINITAS' sound is very textural and occupies a wide stretch of style from soul-wrenching reflections on life to shoegaze inspired segments of atmosphere to dreamlike instrumentals. Featuring ten tracks over 71 minutes, the audience for Journey to Infinity is one seeking comfort in sadness.


Track listing

  1. A Million Lights
  2. Hinter grauen Wanden
  3. Auf neuen Wegen
  4. A Dream About the Loneliness of Aimless Travel
  5. Ein Paradies das ich fand
  6. Nur die Erinnerung
  7. Frequency of the Bereaved
  8. Ein Hauch von Ewigkeit
  9. Through the Infinity
  10. Immerwahrende Nachte