Infinity - Enter thy Labyrinth of Hell (CD)

Infinity - Enter thy Labyrinth of Hell (CD)

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The new opus of INFINITY. Strong musicanship and a potent and explosive production is what greets you on this album. Balgradon Xul of FUNERAL WINDS is the driving force behind this horde, teamed up with Andras & Quasar. The band takes a new step on to be the leading black metal band from Holland with this album.


Track listing

  1. Enter Thy Labyrinth of Hell
  2. Under Crimson Wings of Hate
  3. Through the Mirror of Dreams
  4. Whispers from the Swamps of Despair
  5. The Necromantic Kiss
  6. In the Spell of the Dreaming Dead
  7. Funeral of the Soul
  8. The March of the Luciferian Empire