Inkisitor - Dysevangelist (Digipak CD)

Inkisitor - Dysevangelist (Digipak CD)

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INKISITOR is an ultimate force of evil & darkness. With this mjaestic Dysevangelist album, your suffocating pain will be our pleasures. Expect nothing else than a pure death metal bomb.


Track listing

  1. Reverse the Cross
  2. Lunatics Perversions
  3. Dysevangelist
  4. Les germes du pourrissement
  5. Autodafé
  6. Acid Inferno


Having done a split with S.V.E.S.T might show you that these guys are a bit less ordinary than the typical black metal band. I'll say that it's certainly at least trying to maintain a certain level of intensity, but it morphs itself into something that bears, if only slightly, a resemblance to Deathspell Omega. Some of the riffs you'll hear are slightly more abstract or dissonant that the average black metal band, hear opener Reverse The Cross. The slower numbers, the title-track, Dysevangelist, also bring an almost twisted sounding atmosphere that compares to DSO into the equation as well. - 4/5