Innerwoud / Astrid Stockman - Haven (Digisleeve CD)

Innerwoud / Astrid Stockman - Haven (Digisleeve CD)

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Innerwoud brings a beautiful mix of ambient, drone and neoclassical. The project is led by contrabass player Pieter-Jan Van Assche en was formed in 2014 in Ghent, BE. Musical layers are built live together and merge with the different sounds that the contrabass produces which results in a melancholic journey. For this new album he worked together with soprano singer Astrid Stockman. She studied singing and piano at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven. She played roles such as Venus (Venus & Adonis, Blow) and Belinda (Dido & Aeneas), Suor Angelica, Donna Elvira (Transparent - Laika), and many many more.

Haven takes cue from Mediamaterial, but is in effect an entirely new piece for which Aïda Gabriëls wrote the libretto herself. The version now played for the occasion of the album is a new powerful performance with focus on the selected music from the album Haven and elements from the original performance. The music is now also supported by motion expression by Lieselot Vanderroost. The whole is a search for the boundaries between despair and hope, light and darkness, hatred and love.


Track listing

  1. Elegy I
  2. Elegy II
  3. Elegy III
  4. Elegy IV