Insidious Process / Contorture - Split (EP)

Insidious Process / Contorture - Split (EP)

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INSIDIOUS PROCESS just released their S/T LP, but there are no time to be asleep for the band. On this piece of plastic they have two songs. Furious, fast crustpunk with metal wibes; sorta the missing link between ARCH ENEMY and KONTROVERS.

On the flipside, you'll find CONTORTURE who follow up their Who's in charge LP hereon. Still pissed, still raw as fuck and still recognizable as one of the noisiest and most distorted crust punk in existence.


Track listing

  1. Insidious Process - Asylum
  2. Insidious Process - Filth of the Earth
  3. Contorture - Still a Hunger
  4. Contorture - Crossed
  5. Contorture - Trapped
  6. Contorture - Seconds