Insidius Infernus - Eyes in Astral Abyss (CD)

Insidius Infernus - Eyes in Astral Abyss (CD)

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INSIDIUS INFERNUS is a side project formed around 2001 by Ungod of SAD / NARGOTHROND. He is joined by Luciferia of DAKRYA on vocals.


Track listing

  1. Bloodcurdling Aura
  2. Dawn of Bloodbath
  3. Children of the Night
  4. Enter the Perennial Solitude
  5. The Legend of the Christian Massacre
  6. Walk Throught Nightshade Valley
  7. Underhand Mankind
  8. Poetry Infernus
  9. Mourn of the Fallen Heroes
  10. Ravens and Haunted Mountains
  11. ...My Beloved