Instant - Wounded & Deserted (CD)

Instant - Wounded & Deserted (CD)

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Three-piece power violence / death metal band from the city of Vaasa, Finland. Founded originally in 2015 by the drummer Juuso Suomela and bassist Ilmari Moisio. INSTANT has impressed its listeners with its aggressive music, its ferocious stage prescence and the fact that its band members are extremely young, with its drummer being only 12 at the time INSTANT was formed. Since guitarist Niko Kojonen joined the band in 2016, INSTANT has played more gigs than ever before and continues to improve itself in various ways. Prior to their newest album, Wounded & Deserted, INSTANT has released one other full-length album, Decimation, which was released in 2016. INSTANT's music is influenced by bands like WEEKEND NACHOS and MAGRUDERGRIND and it's lyrical themes contain themes like depression, psychological torment and social alienation.


Track listing

  1. Subject of Mockery
  2. No Solace
  3. Decay Buried Deep
  4. Align the Serpent
  5. Submerge
  6. Left Headless in the Swamp
  7. Longing for Grief