Instinct - The Black Wound (CD) Instinct - The Black Wound (CD)

Instinct - The Black Wound (CD)

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Each copy of this album available from Todestrieb will be stained by the blood of Verst, a ritualistic offering and the final seal to this most personal release.

With inspiration from Anglo-Saxon history (dedicated to Þunor), Nature - especially around Hertfordshire and the village of Thundridge (Thunor's Ridge), and a spiritual dedication to solitude, misanthropy and black energy; Instinct present three dirges, an hour in total, recorded over a period of three years (2010-12). Bleak atmospheric Black Metal!

I use and experience Instinct as an extension of my personality; a representation of my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual relationship with Nature; from the simplistic, spatial bliss of wondering upon the ancient barrows of Thundridge under moonlight to the experience of daylight apparitional manifestation, which, while initially terrifying, strengthened many of my beliefs and theories relating to a unified energy through all things existing within Nature's realm. This is not 'new age' humanist bullshit either; this is far fucking darker...


Track listing

  1. Thunor Hycgh
  2. Chamber Dark
  3. The Black Wound


A mysterious atmospheric Black Metal experience that almost crawls along at it's own place but in doing so fills my heart with a cold bleak sense of satisfaction. It has a nice catchy flow to it's melody, and a dark mesmerizing glow too it's aura but all the while there is an undercurrent of tension, a lurking predator deep within it's bowels that stalks the listener, never truly letting them rest easy whilst playing this record. 'The Black Wound' is a haunting venomous slab of cold soul infiltrating Black Metal! - 5/5