Intolerant - Primal Future (LP) Intolerant - Primal Future (LP)

Intolerant - Primal Future (LP)

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Track listing

  1. Bastard Humans
  2. Ode to Virus
  3. Post-atomic Satanic Whores
  4. Demonic Battle Beasts of Victory
  5. Primal Future
  6. Eternal Radioactive Darkness
  7. Attack!
  8. Dishonor Blood with Blood
  9. From Nuclear Power to Spiked Bat
  10. Intolerance


The chassis is constructed on black metal style hostility, but expect getting hit with cues from Bestial Warlust all the way to The Berzerker. This might irk genre purists, but for those who enjoy a larger canvas will happily snap their necks. - 5/5