Iperyt - Totalitarian Love Pulse (CD) Iperyt - Totalitarian Love Pulse (CD)

Iperyt - Totalitarian Love Pulse (CD)

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Industrial black / death metal from Poland. Debut album featuring members of INFERNAL WAR and VOIDHANGER. Extreme yet extraordinary.


Track listing

  1. Transgression of Inhumanity
  2. Adoration of Social Demise
  3. Abuse You Fucking Christ
  4. Calm Regained
  5. The Silent Murderer
  6. Scorched Earth Creed
  7. Wolfcalls
  8. Let's Fucking Rejoice
  9. Filthy Criminals
  10. Superior Breed
  11. Totalitarian Love Pulse


...industrialized black metal with lashings of grindcore. Often compared to The Berzerker the sonic terror of Iperyt is much more interesting. The sheer intensity and nerve-shredding noise of this album is totally overwhelming and mind-blowing. - 5/5